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Stuck In Overwhelm Every Time You Start A New Positive Behavior?
Learn The Secret To Adopting Positive Habits That Stick.
Sick of falling Off the wagon when you try to adopt a positive habit?
Ever felt ashamed after setting your New Year's Resolution for the 5th time and not following through with it? 

Ever felt burnt out and exhausted and wished that you had as much motivation as other people you see on Instagram or Facebook?

Ever felt overwhelmed because you just don't have the time with your busy schedule? 
And To Make Matters Worse...
You have personal development gurus posting motivational quotes tell you that you just don't 
WANT IT bad enough. 
Because you didn't follow through with your exercise goal, healthy eating goal, reading goal, or getting up early goal yet again. 

Because every time you go to family dinner they ask you how exercise is going and you don't want to answer because you feel like a failure.

Because there is so much you want to work on with yourself and you don't even know where to start and what to do. You feel unfulfilled, stress, overwhelm, and just plain frustrated with it all! 
"Welcome to the club, my dear. That's the human experience, unless you are a robot (which I hope you aren't ;)) We all have experienced this at some point."
I am sick of seeing men and women who are fully committed to building healthy habits fail because they simply are too stressed and have so much on their plate...

When all they need is a solid strategy and a partner to help them implement...

That's why I'm on a mission to helping people just like you! 
I remember it like it was yesterday...
I was a struggling college student; I was in poor health and tired all the time. I had gained 20 lbs and I was also battling anxiety and depression.
 I wasn’t confident with who I was and didn’t know why I was physically sick constantly.  

All I wanted was to feel good about myself and wake up every day and not feel pressure.

I would try to set the exercise goal of working out 5 days a week.
Then I would stop. ..

A few months later I would start again.

Then I would stop. ...
I would ask myself, why can’t I follow through with this?
I became so frustrated because I wanted to have more energy & to lose weight.
Then I would have a stress flare up and go to the cafeteria and ORDER A LARGE PAD THAI NOODLE DISH AS BIG AS MY HEAD… and mow it down like the apocalypse was coming!

I’d tried everything under the sun to stick with an exercise program…
I bought exercise program after program…
I shamed myself when I didn’t go…
Then I would start the circle of shame… again and again.
And I always brought myself back to my old habits.

Netflix and Chill...
Everytime I “fell off the wagon” I didn’t only disappoint myself but also disappointed people around me.
I would go extreme lengths to avoid people who I KNEW were going to ask me about “that thing” I had set out to do…
To be honest, I didn’t like myself.
But you know what’s the most frustrating part?
I knew I had what it takes to change my life.
I would tell myself, “we can do this, Shannon.”

One day I was sitting at my dorm sink and just started uncontrollably crying. I was burnt out and tired and I just felt lost. My grades were slipping.
At the time I gained 20 lbs and drank alcohol a lot, I started hating the way I looked big time.
I didn’t even leave the dorm because my clothes fit so tight I was embarrassed to go out of the house. I was instantly uncomfortable around men because I was “afraid” they were looking at my body.
…so I made the decision to move home and restart my life..I couldn’t take it anymore…

And that’s when everything changed for me..
I met my best friend who taught me to focus on small behaviors every day that can fill me up and improve my confidence level…
That’s when I learned about building small healthy habits…

We started walking, which turned into running…
Which turned into adopting healthy food choices…
Which turned into getting up early…

Fast forward 10 years now, I have participated in triathlons, half marathons, crossfit competitions, bodybuilding shows… and it all started from the one positive habit of walking and stress relief…

By following the SAME principles I followed during my health goals, I also found it effective and easy to shift my thinking and build the habit of being less stressed with certain action steps that I could take everyday…
And this can happen for you too...

If you’ve been trying everything under the sun to start positive behaviors…
If you feel like you have nothing left in you….
If you’ve sat at home and said to yourself, “I give up, I’m just not athletic.”


“I don’t have the time for this, it’s too much.”

Then join me as I show you a different way! 

You have the capacity to build the positive, productive lifestyle you want on your terms….

While adopting a positive attitude and waking up feeling good!
Avoid the mistakes that cause overwhelm and stress and cause you to lack motivation in your personal goals.

Believe me when I say, the best project to work on is you.

Shannon Rollins
Shannon is a Emotional Wellness Coach  and Founder of LivWell Solutions, with more than eight years of experience enabling individuals to improve their mental health through one-on-one coaching, group wellness programs, corporate workshops, and health education services. Shannon is passionate about helping women in particular with stress relief.

Shannon has a Master of Science degree in Health Education & Behavior from the University of Florida. To complement her professional experience, Rollins is a Certified Health Education Specialist, a Master Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Integrative Health Coach.

Shannon currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she spends her time enjoying the sun, reading books, and developing new wellness programs.
Imagine Your Life If You Could Experience The Power Of Positive Habits Like I Have...
Ever since I have learned the Power Of Habits..

I am in the best shape of my life...

I have had over 5 promotions in my 8 year career...

I am in a happy, positive relationship.. 

I rarely have stress flareups...

I have competed in CrossFit competitions, triathlons, marathons, and bodybuilding shows...

...and my mission is to show you the strategy I use so you can save time and frustration. 
how much Would Your Life change in a positive way if you can master building positive habits?
You Can...
With the building habits blueprint course!!!
this 6-module habit Building course is your key to building healthy habits so you can develop a consistent routine for Success in whatever you set out to do,
We identify internal psychology, habit change, Identifying goals, environmental change, your identity, mindset shifts, NLP. Take control of your life and ultimate desires with this in depth course. 

warning- in this course we do deep personal work to ensure your success. 
This Is What Is Included In The Course...
 #1 Downloadable Worksheets 
The course comes with 32 accompanied worksheets packed with activities tailored to you and your habit goals. 

The worksheets are designed to pair with each lesson for easier and more engaged learning. 
#2 Lifetime Access
Lifetime access is SO important with this course! We are constantly adopting new habits all the time, and we are always wanting to improve.

With the lifetime access feature you will have ongoing access to retake the course and it's updates, The Facebook Membership group, and the monthly newsletter subscription. 

When you are a part of the LivWell Community, you are always supported with new content, ideas, courses, and are always the first to know when something is released.
#3 LivWell Community Facebook Membership
The community Facebook group is a great way to meet like minded go-getters who are striving to become better. This is also a great place to find an accountability partner as you work through the course. 
#4 Additional Module on Happiness
Life definitely has its ups and downs, and the way we feel affects our habits everyday. 

This bonus module provides Shannon's #1 key to achieving ultimate happiness in your life. This will help you in any area of your life! 
And Because i feel this is imperative for you to succeed, see some More bonuses below...
Feel Good Journal (Worth $15):
ACT FAST- Only for the first 50 sign ups!  
This journal paves a way of positivity throughout your day and highly increases your chances of reaching your goal. It includes daily prompts of gratefulness, daily affirmations, and reminders of your daily goals. 

Filling out this journal everyday will help you set your intentions, and ultimately feel good as you move throughout your day. 
Monthly Q&A Calls (Worth $97):
Ongoing Support For Your Goals 
Twice a month Shannon provides Q&A calls on Zoom to provide ultimate support during the habit change process so you can receive consistent support to ensure a higher level of success in the course. One call is help in the morning and one call is held in the evening. 

Participants can join both each month! 
Feel Good Meditation Album  (Worth $15):
My Key To Behavior Change
This meditation album is your entryway to stress relief, clarity, and motivation as you move through this course. It includes 5 different guided meditations led by Shannon Rollins, and accompanied journal prompts for further clarity and decision making. 
Healthy Lifestyle Guide (Worth $20):
Learn How To Harness Small Habits In The Present To Build A Healthier & Happier Future
The Healthy Lifestyle Guide highlights how Shannon Rollins has build health success within her own life. This guide includes her routine for nutrition, exercise, stress relief, relationships, hobbies, and more! 
Overcoming Stress & Anxiety Training (Worth $97):
Focus On Feeling Good To Meet Habit Goals 
A big reason that people have a hard time adopting positive habits is because they are battling with a high amount of stress. Out of most of the employees I have surveyed across over 20 companies, most employees vote an average of 7 on their stress scale out of 10, that's a lot! 

This 55-min recorded training teaches about stress/anxiety, the role it plays in our lives, and specific techniques to overcome them. Shannon has provided this training to countless companies and has an accompanied worksheet to develop consistent tools when you are experiences stress and anxiety.
These bonuses are a minimum total of  $244 by themselves!
My friends, these bonuses are a 
limited time offer!
A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
If You have fully engaged in the course and supporting materials and feel it still hasn't Helped you I will give you your money back! 
Positive changes Don't Need to Just Happen during new years... make changes now! 
My friend, I am confident that our journey together will help you better understand yourself and your goals.. 

If you are overwhelmed, it will surely bring you clarity...

If you are frustrated, it will help you feel supported...

If you feel lack of motivation, this will light some fire under your bum..

If you're ready to make some long lasting changes in your life that can make you feel more confident, productive, and energized... then this is your time. 

With the purchase of this course, you can ultimately look back and be so proud of the promises that you made to yourself. Life is too short not to invest in yourself.

Liv well,
Shannon Rollins
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  • Feel Good Journal  ($15 Value)
  • Feel Good Meditation Album ($15 Value)
  •  Monthly Q&A Calls ($97 Value)
  •  Healthy Lifestyle Guide ($20 Value)
  •  Overcoming Stress & Anxiety Training ($97 Value)
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